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WW1 - ( 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class )

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On March 10th 1813 Prussian King Fredrich Wilhelm established the Iron Cross as a temporary award for bestwal during times of war.Orginally the Iron Cross was introduced in three grades with a Grand Cross intended for awards to Senior Commanders for successfully leading troops in combat and the First and Second classes for award to all ranks for bravery or merit in action.The Iron Cross were reinstituted by King Wihelm I on July 19th 1870 for award during the Franco-Prussian War and again on August 5th 1914,by King Wilhelm II for award during WW I.On September 1st 1939 Hitler once more reinstituted the Iron Cross series of awards in the First and Second Classes and established the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross.The Second Class medal was for award topersonnel who performed a single act of bravery in combat.

Various iterations from 1813 to 1870

World War I Iron Cross, 2nd Class


Certificate of award to a musketeer in the Royal Prussian Landwehr, October 1918, one month before the end of the War


German soldiers who had been awarded the Iron Cross

                                 1813 Grand Cross

1813 Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.                                                           Crown Prince Charles John of Sweden, wearing the 1813 Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.

                                       1870 Grand Cross

1870 Grand Cross of the Iron Cross. Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia (later to reign briefly as Kaiser Friedrich III) wearing the 1870 Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.

                                     1914 Grand Cross

                                                                                                                            Recipients of the 1914 Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.


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